Üçyıldız Company Limited was established in 1988. Today 3 stores the company also has a three-storey warehouse with 9,500 m² in the plaza, which was built in the Star Borough. Job security, provided argument regarding plant safety, no expense was spared on the most important of human health and the appropriateness of nature. Üçyıldız has the largest facilities in the region as the location of the furniture industry.

Production activities off our 2000 m² park in our production; office furniture, school equipment and supplies, home furniture, restaurant and cafe furniture, parks and gardens, urban furniture and kitchen furniture we produce. Our company bring in top quality brands in Turkey, in stores and marketing offers to customers. Üçyıldız Ltd. Sti. the brand with quality and customer satisfaction in the sector to keep in the forefront. Ofisy with patents in the new plaza will perform the sales of our own brand.

Our company produces high quality standards of today and the establishment of imported products always give the guarantee and assurance.
Production, sales and after-sales service to all of our customers rely on our long-term customers, we strive to ensure unity.
Üçyıldız, you have a clear understanding of comfort following the technological innovations and developments in the industry are working for your happiness.
After the sale also be at the side of our customers, we have been serving the demands and a strong technical service approach to find solutions to their problems.